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Centralized suction
Leader in the field of industrial electrical systems, Elettricalandi also concerns itself with hydraulic pump systems (their installation and maintenance). The hydraulic pumps, capable of quickly extracting large volumes of air from the vacuum chambers, require constant, specialised maintenance. Here at Elettricalandi, we put the expertise and experience of our technicians at your disposal, even in the event of non-routine maintenance, 24/7.
We treat both immersion and centrifugal pumping systems with variable pressure automatism (autoclaves) or inverters.
Over the years we have developed in-depth expertise on systems for the reporting and management of liquid levels and their flow. We do this with on-site management or via software platforms for remote viewing.
The company has designed and built machinery that facilitates the extraction of submersible pumps in artesian wells, with depths of up to 300 meters, all with maximum security.
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A particular type of hydraulic pumps, ion pumps, work by ionising and "capturing" the residual gases in the vacuum chamber. The ion pumps start concurrently with pressure values between 6 and 10 mbar, because the chamber vacuum cannot compromise the operation of the pumps themselves.
 Simultaneously, the residual gases must not saturate and render them unusable. Elettricalandi provides you with both the best systems and effective remote management systems.


The titanium vaporisers work by leaving titanium deposits on special surfaces that capture some types of residual gas. Sublimation occurs when the electric current passes through titanium filaments, a few millimetres in diameter, which are positioned inside special bells. Even these hydraulic pumps need a "vacuum", to operate, which must have values between 10 and 11 mbar.


These type of pumps  have chambers inside and are treated with materials capable of retaining some types of residual gases (if heated to a temperature of 400 degrees).
By pumping with a backing  unit whilst simultaneously selecting the affected area, the pump is activated and can complete its task.

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