Design and installation of electrical systems in Radda in Chianti

Electrical systems
Elettricalandi is a well known company located in the town of Radda in Chianti, in the province of Siena. Since 1968  we have been involved in the design, installation and maintenance, of electrical, electronic and electromechanical systems.  These include air-conditioning and lighting systems, data communication systems, such as Ethernet networks,  and anything  used for personal, business or tertiary reasons. During its many years of business, the company has managed to earn a good reputation thanks to the continuous updating of their methods, and the constant training of its employees, by always satisfying the marketing, and technical development demands in the electrical systems industry.
From installation to maintenance, the services we provide our customers are implemented with total transparency and the highest accuracy; essential requisites for those who make workplace professionalism their priority.  If you are looking for qualified and professional installers, who are always ready to meet your needs, you only have to request a free, no-obligation quote.


Elettricalandi primarily specialises in designing, installing, and maintaining civil, industrial, naval, and commercial electrical systems. We are therefore, primarily, a B2B marketing service, despite  us also operating in the Domestic Electrical Systems sector. In any case, our working philosophy remains the same: we offer a turn-key service, complete with testing, and an unrivalled, 24/7  maintenance service.
Elettricalandi pays particular attention to home automation and energy saving, reaching out to customers, collaborators, and suppliers within the private and public sector. High standards of quality, performance, and reliability are the foundations on which our company is built.  Put our staff to the test and see for yourself, by requesting a free, no-obligation quote.


Being increasingly present in the construction or renovation projects of detached houses or apartment buildings , home automation will improve home life. Being able to control, even remotely, all the safety and energy efficiency aspects of your home, still seems a luxury or an exception today.  In reality however, technological advancement and the reduction in installation and maintenance costs, will allow for a massive increase in the popularity of intelligent electrical systems. From home appliances to burglar alarm systems, to the opening of the shutters and the remote control of the burglar alarm system, the home automation system will allow you to have complete control over your home. Contact our company offices to find out more, or to request a no-obligation quote.
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