Centralised suction

Installation and MAINTENANCE of Centralised suction SYSTEMS

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In domestic, commercial or industrial environments, a good gas and dust extraction system is essential in order to make indoor environments always liveable and healthy. These systems, especially if centralised, need a careful installation and constant maintenance, something that our technicians at Elettricalandi are more than capable of.
To understand the fundamentals of how these systems work, and their health benefits, read on or contact us directly. You can also request a consultation or a free, customised quote.


From shops to shopping centres and catering establishments to public baths, suction systems are a prerequisite for access to many public and private places, or even homes, that do not have a sufficient number of windows.
The fundamental principle behind operating a suction system is simple and can be summarised as follows: a flexible wall hose is connected to a suction motor; a small, safety voltage, electrical circuit, connected to the suction sockets, activates the engine, and creates the necessary air depression needed to vacuum fumes or dust. Micro-dusts, mites and allergens will thus no longer be a problem. Thanks to the presence of effective filters, the suction systems can create healthy and breathable air: a basic requirement for those suffering from allergies or other respiratory problems.
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